Monday, May 28, 2012

Strange Things

Those who know me know how much I love the publication, Where Women Create. I love it so much (@14.99 a pop!) that I will purchase the same magazine TWICE. Why do I do things in a such a hurry? Not thinking things through, or looking through things. Good grief! Went to Barnes and Noble on Friday night and found my favorite light reading...light, but I love it!...grabbed what I thought was a new issue of WWC. Got it home and, nope! Not! I had purchased the same magazine over a month ago! *B & N does NOT do returns on magazines, ladies and gentlemen. I don't care how much you paid for it nor that it is on newstands only 4 times a year. Does not matter.

...coming back into my previously written post, several months later.  At some time I have read that we (warm bodies out there who journal, write, post, or scribble) should never delete our writings.  So I didn't. 

...It's been a beautiful, warm day in Northeastern Oklahoma.  Our summer will probably be exceptionally  That's what most people say in early June in Oklahoma.  Boy.  I would have never picked living here lo these many years ago!  Why not St. Louis?!  or San Francisco? (well, I would be living on the streets if I lived there, that's why!)...but it might be worth it!!~ tho I DO LOVE the seasons of the Midwest!  Like many young married women in the Sixties...I moved where my husband moved.  No protest.  No question.  I've sure changed my tune!

So, there's that. 

AND....I bought a new Canon camera today!  Yea!!  Watch for pictures!  I'll probably use lemon juice and sunlight to make things appear!  Ah, the 1950's...

posting~  Lana

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