Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I've been trying my best to get to sleep tonight, but I'm giving my mind a lesson in TIME LINES. I'm trying to reconstruct my own from my childhood years. It has left me restless and troubled. I never realized how abnormal my childhood was until I gained the perspective of time and exposure to those of others. I've always wondered why I did not have really happy memories....not necessarily BAD memories (though some were), but nothing truly happy for sections of time in my life. It was no secret that my father and I were not buddies. I never realized how much that has influenced me. I guess people might wonder why that even matters now that I'm into my sixty-fourth year on this earth. I like to know the "whys" of things and it seems that I've been very busy until now with everyone else's "whys"...
Just trying to reconstruct some things...and restless. It will all come together.