Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reflections in a Hot July

Anyone living in Oklahoma in the summer of 2011 can tell you this: It is one of the hottest summers we've experienced in a long, long time. Most of us are just sick of it by now. It's hot in the early morning, it's hot at night. The summer sun has heated your car enough to make you sick in 10 minutes. It is wearing on people's nerves. We're sick of it! SICK OF IT.
I have learned so much in the past year; about other people and about myself at sixty three. I've decided that I am one rather normal person with some unusually nice edges. There are parts of myself that I really, really LIKE and parts of myself that I'm not happy with at all.
I think I may try blogging again. I'm tired of some of the Facebook things and tired of some of the things it represents for me. Tired of that. Move on.
I made a list of 39 things that I want to get done here at the house. Some things are very time consuming and some are just those things that can be done in a few minutes...but they need to be done. Just thought of one more. 40 now. I love working out in the yard, but in Oklahoma, in the summer, just gets old after June. April, May, and June are pretty good. July is smothering and August is right there with it. September doesn't let up much and by October,'s time for Pumpkins, strange corn, and wreaths of some sort! Gardening can be a year-round thing in Oklahoma, only if I would let it.
I'm going to try posting and then pictures again from my iPhone.