Sunday, December 30, 2007

Taking a Break!

How hard do you need to work before you "take a break?" Blogging=break! I've been going through stacks and stacks of papers in my extra bedroom; separating junk from save; might-want-it-a-year-from-now and I've-had-it-this-long-and-never-used-it! Sometimes I think of throwing ALL of it away and see what life would be like on a clean slate! My back bedroom/guest room has become the catch all of my life's trappings. Does anyone else have such a monster in their life? How long does a person need to save things?!
I'm headed toward retirement this next May and I think I'll have more time to sew, learn to knit, keep up with some scrapbook things, and read. Will that ever happen?!! Maybe I will actually use some of the things I've collected over the years. I think I have enough stamps and scrapbook paper things to start a small workshop on my own! We shall see!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thank You to my daughter!

Thank you so much for the neat graphic work, Ash! I love it...and you KNOW it would never happen if left up to me!!! I love the neat heading for my bloggedy-blog!

Friday, December 28, 2007

After the Hoop-la

Do many people (well-over-55-grandmothery-new-to-the-blogworld) feel as I do about posting? That is...nothing of this will sound too creative, or catchy, or interesting to others; more of what is sometimes said as "rambling"??? Well, I guess that's the offering tonight. Rambling.

The week of Christmas always seems to be one of hopping and jumping. Why is that? Even when it is not in the physical arena of going from one thing (place) to the next, it is ever so much in my mind. What I'd like to do differently NEXT year...what I'll never do AGAIN...what I'd always LIKE to do as a tradition...and on and on and on... I'm so skilled at second guessing, I can hardly leave THAT alone! No wonder my mind is tired and weary.

We've had a great week of time spent with children, grandchildren, and friends. I'm adding some pictures (I think!) of some fun moments. I never second guess time I spend with my family and friends.

To the One who created snowflakes, babies, children, hugs, and laughter ....thank you.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Cleaning Up the Mess!

What do most people do on the day before Christmas? Wrap gifts, make fudge, bake cookies? Yep, yep, yep! They do NOT clean up ice storm debris from the yard! Oh, but we do. It is actually looking better; making some small steps with progress.
Our area had severe ice storms two weeks ago and our backyard looks like a bomb went off! Well, it DID before today!
It's now off to the baking part of Christmas Eve....cinnamon rolls! Yeah!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fishing Would Be Easier!

My daughter tells me I can do this! Are you sure???
Oh, Mom, you can do it! Just do what the page tells you (blog edits, blog templates, backgrounds, post options, blah..blah...blah...blah.)! I grew up with the mindset that "making a mistake" was NOT something you did. And Lord help us all if you DID make a mistake and then published it for the whole world to see!!! So the best way to make no mistakes is to take no chances. Right? Right! A turtle inside her shell, a snail stuck to the rock...what a group with which to associate oneself! Think I'd rather become a clown fish!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Driving Me Crazy!

Aren't there days that just drive you crazy?! Those days that you have many things you need to do and "check off your list" and yet, nothing seems to get done the way you want? What a day! Cold, blustery, wet Oklahoma weather! Brrrr!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Re: My First Post! :=)

I ran across this picture of the old country store and thought it looked so much like many of the places I ventured around in the Ozarks in the 60's. The old country roads of Missouri and Arkansas have their own charm that I've never found duplicated. Perhaps that same charm is found in places of your childhood years, too. This just brought back many memories of 40 years ago.

A Full Day

It's been a full day, to be sure!
Grandchildren are the gift given to grandparents for having endured all those band trips, drives on section line roads, depositing money into overdrawn accounts, driving all over the city looking for just the right prom dress.
This is only my second post as I have had no time for writing! I am determined to get a blog going in some shape or form.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

This Is My First Post

This is a picture of Missouri. This is a test post.