Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to Routines

Doesn't that sound drab, ho-hum, and boring? It does, I know! Because I am a First Grade teacher, my days should never be any of the aforementioned! Not for me nor for the children I teach. So let's "x-out" routine and substitute the words "somewhat scheduled". I would put the word "scheduled," but as anyone who knows me knows, I am anything but scheduled!! Not in its natural state, that is! I REALLY have to work at it. Actually, I'm fairly confident that I have some issues with attention deficit disorder. No kidding...the First Grade teacher with lack of attention! Honest to goodness-cross-my-heart! So now we are back in class, we do move from one activity to another, we do go through our days in the usual that puts ME into some structure. I think I need some of that, but after checking my Social Security "logs" (that little list of "years worked")...(some of you are WAAAAAAAAAAY too young to know what one of those babies look like!)....well, my "years worked" began in 1965. So you see, I think I'm just about ready to have that UN-structured time to play in the garden, sew the scrap fabric, spend 3 hours at the library, and make pie dough tarts with my grandchildren. Gosh, that all sounds like SUCH fun! Add to that some strange part-time jobs and that would all be right up my alley!
Remember how new I am to this blogging thing? I'm almost as new to the digital camera and the "uploading and downloading" of it all. I have some pictures I want to share on here and hope to get them ready and entered.
I still need some help from my digital daughter (thank you, Ashley!)...but I will get it done! I've been "sneaky-peeking" on some of your blogs out there and I would love to put them on my blogsite, too. Is it courtesy to ask permission, or how is that done?! I'll need to find out!
I think I'm ready to share the news of this blog thing (the one I'm doing!) with some of my friends. They already know I'm a little quirky, so it will come as no surprise!