Friday, June 8, 2012

Greater Thinking Through Chemistry~ Crystal LIght

No.  I really doubt that it is the Crystal Light grape flavor energy drink that is helping me pull my brain in a jillion different directions.  I'm replacing my Dr. Pepper for the C.L. stuff more often than not.  Trying to cut the calories and dependance on the REALLY good stuff... Dr. Pepper. 
I have had several days and nights of things rolling around in my mind.  Things I would change.  Things I will change.  Things that happened in my childhood that I had no control over...and those I did.  It is so nice to have some time to really reflect on those.  I need to do more journal writing though. 
Right now I'm headed out the door (soon!) to see the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  I've heard so many great things about it and I think, especially so, for the over-60 group.
I have things to do and no one to see.  Quiet afternoon.  Good.  I'm liking this.

No, They Don't Have Extra Duties...

It's just my random guess, but I don't believe the chefs who do their chopping and mopping, braising and grazing, and slicing and dicing on T.V. have children to get to school, a load of white clothes in the dryer, a grant proposal to finish, and one child who can't-find-her-6th-grade-planner-that-needs-to-be-signed-or-she-will-get-a-zero.  Just my guess. I could be wrong.

Friday, June 1, 2012

~Kindred Spirits~

People~ you are my kindred spirits. One of the greatest gifts in my life is the spirit, truth, loves, joys, and energy of those I call my friends.  Some of these friends are family.  One or two are people whom I have never met...not in the sense of having spent physical space time.  It is difficult for me to understand how people do not want friends or need friends to nourish life itself.  I need friends for the give and take of my life and theirs.  We need each other for growth, for thoughts, for love and caring, for giving and sharing the great and the small.  I can't envision life in a different way.  It must be a narrow hallway with no light, a narrow space where roots are trying to take hold and have nothing to hold on to.  I thank my friends for helping me grow and thrive in life.