Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Twas' the day before New Year's and all through the house...

Even if you're not a person who makes New Year's Resolutions, I'd dare say that there aren't many who DON'T take some time to reflect on the year past. Boy, this has been a "doozie" (for those of you who are under 40 you might want to check out the word Dousenberg/or Doozenberg/ or Dousenburg. A little spell check might be in order for me regarding names of cars. Humm?

Well, it HAS been a doozie!
I think it is interesting to speculate about the new year ahead of us. I heard the tail end of a CBS Morning Show this morning on my car radio, telling "what is in and what is out." I've always thought those things were fun. Not that I care! Just fun. (I think my brown Birkenstocks and winter socks are probably a definite OUT!)...but good for rhyming patterns for 5 year olds!

My dieting is working. It always does when I stick with it! Amazing how that works. I was in the Dr.'s office today and I'm down 5 pounds. I have another 10 to go by March 15th. Writing down everything I eat and then doing some journaling about my thoughts and feelings really does work for me. No sweets (other than the 60 calorie pudding snack) and very little "flour things." I really have my goals in my head and I know I can do this. Waiting now on some physical therapy times and then back to the Y for walking, swimming, stairstepping, etc. I know this will be the year that I get my health back on track...where I left it 40 years ago.

Happy 2009 to any visitor who happens by here. You will be one of one in the lone desert of the cold January winds!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Starting Over

That's what I do all the time! Start over...

Today I began, again, my dieting. That involves writing down everything I eat. It involves planning ahead, which is not something I do well! As with the last post...I am determined. Again.

Part of it is this time of year I guess. The other part is knowing that I need to do this to feel better and be healthier. I'm past the "looking good" part! (I think :=)

I loved what a friend of my daughter's had to say about her own blogging. She said that it kept her thoughts and her life's activities in a place; in a history of her living and that of her family. I'd love to have that for my grandchilden if they might ever be interested some day.

Last night I went through a stack of recipe cards that belonged to my mother. It's so neat to read her handwriting and also the recipes of her friends. It's stepping back in time; something I like to do. People actually cooked in the 1950's! We went "out to eat" not more than two or three times a year. Yes. Really. It was a treat for the whole family and can you imagine what a nice thing it was for my mother!!

2008 has been quite a year. I retired from teaching first grade. We lost Tim Russert, my all time favorite newsperson and fine human being. Our 401K bit the dust along with everyone else's 401K. My vote went for the person who will lead us in 2009, Barack Obama. Wonderful! The financial world has shown us an up-close-and-personal picture of "Who Do You Trust?" I had my 60th birthday with a wonderful birthday surprise from my daughter and family and friends. It's been a really interesting year. One to reflect, for sure.

Oh yes. I want a dog and a new fishing rod & reel. Many things are very simple.
I miss the Ozarks this time of year. Oklahoma isn't the same.