Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Re: My First Post! :=)

I ran across this picture of the old country store and thought it looked so much like many of the places I ventured around in the Ozarks in the 60's. The old country roads of Missouri and Arkansas have their own charm that I've never found duplicated. Perhaps that same charm is found in places of your childhood years, too. This just brought back many memories of 40 years ago.

A Full Day

It's been a full day, to be sure!
Grandchildren are the gift given to grandparents for having endured all those band trips, drives on section line roads, depositing money into overdrawn accounts, driving all over the city looking for just the right prom dress.
This is only my second post as I have had no time for writing! I am determined to get a blog going in some shape or form.