Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let There Be LIght!

This house needs more of it!! I go around opening the blinds to let the morning light in...and I probably don't need to expound on the rest of that thought. Suffice it to say that I require more light in my life than does my husband.
I like sunshine. Especially so in the daytime!
Of course, with the sun comes the outpouring of dust bunnies, dead grass, cat hair, and the like. So today I'm on a cleaning mission. Yes, it's Sunday. Yes, I'm on a cleaning mission. Run needles through my fingers.
I can't stand it any longer. I think God will completely understand. This is driving me nuts and I just can't be my best self and go completely over the edge with Dirt Insanity. So I will start anew.

I went to Barnes and Noble on Friday night and bought the winter issue of Art Journaling (Stampington). I really enjoy the eye-candy and the reading in their publications. Inspiring to me. I was raised in a tiny town in the Ozarks; we did not HAVE Kindergarten, let alone anything that resembled an "art class" or times for art media expression in my grade school years...nor high school either, for that matter! Crayons in the cigar box at the Methodist Church on Sunday morning. New crayons from the downstairs basement in Nichols Brothers Store. New coloring books to match, once or twice a year. That and a stick in the dirt in the backyard. You think I'm kidding? I'm not! That was Art 101 in McDonald County Missouri in the 1950's. I did fall in love with paper dolls and I would save my dimes for paper doll books. I probably had a total of 5 in my life. Pretty good count for a family that thrived on fishing, boating, and hunting. It was a male dominant household, if you will. And I do love sailing and fishing. (Thanks, Tib. He also showed me patience, which the rest of the family was short on for many reasons.)
Now I'm trying to make time for myself and as many art media outlets as I can possibly find. Still have several trips to make to some specific art supply stores in Tulsa. I think there is a part of me that never blossomed. I know there is. God, give me a few more days in my life...


Taylor schapiro said...

Good for you Lana. It is never too late for art. Thank you for your comment again and checking out my blog. Hope you post your art on your blog. Taylor

oldgreymare said...

Your mention of crayons..Nothing made me happier than a brand new box of 36 or 64...all still perfect and that smell as the box opened....Made me sooooo happy :D

c. Joy said...

I remember FINALLY getting a box of 64 crayons - with a built in sharpener - it was wonderful, thanks for reminding me how wonderful life was. Sometimes in the everyday rush I forget how blessed I was - I am. (I've bought a couple of the Stampington magazine - eye candy is right!)