Friday, January 13, 2012

Just Working on This!

Pick a font. Pick any font. You're already running about an hour behind this morning so it really won't matter except for the fact that it may not be exactly what you want but oh well it's something written down on the ol blog board. Right. And yes, my grammar is not the greatest, but I do know a run on sentence when I see one and yes, we did learn to diagram sentences back in the Ozarks of Missouri in the late 1950's. So I will just continue. Thank you for staying with me thus far.

I'm in a quagmire. Look it up. Quagmire. I'm usually IN a quagmire. It began when I was around sixteen and hasn't let up too much since then. Gee. Almost 50 years of quagmiring...
Something should be speaking to me.

I'm just not having time (ONCE AGAIN) to get everything done that I want to get done. I'm wondering if a strict schedule (FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE) would work. I've been pondering that in my quagmire. I've also found that learning more than one or two things at the same time in the "life after 60" doesn't work nearly as well as it did when it was "life at thirty."
Perhaps I can learn wood crafting, word crafting, insurance sales, photography, and knitting all at the same time. Throw in "posting pictures to the blog sites/Pinterest/et al"... Can I do all of that AND get to the Y for an hour a day? and eat more healthfully? and make things for gifts? and spend time with my grandchildren? and actually work on a scrapbook of 60-plus years of life? Draw that picture for me and make me a map. Maybe if I got up at 3:00 every morning...

Open for suggestions.

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