Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dang, I'm Feeling Old and Cold!

It's been a great day! Sort of one that scooted around the corners of life...nothing too direct, nothing completely done, and one that I know will end with a nice hot bath and a craft book! Bring on the candles! My Dr. Pepper by the who else takes life with a grain of salt when all the woes and aches of life itself is telling me otherwise? Might as well enjoy the little things that make me happy.
Helped with getting my daughter's house in order today. Moving, divorce, three children...unloading boxes, putting things away, setting aside...Do you have any boxes to unload in YOUR life? Any thing that needs put away or set aside? I certainly do. On to another list or two...
I'm needing to spend some time with a project or two. Needing to feel a needle and thread in my hand. Some scissors for fabric or paper. Some colors and prints and textures...
I'm needing some alone time. Some Anadama tea...honey...and the space heater.'s brisk and cold in Oklahoma today.
Say goodnight, Lana.


Shirlee said...

Old & cold ... I know the feeling ... lol! Your alone time plans sound heavenly : ) Blessings, Shirlee

oldgreymare said...

Oh me too girl..only add in sick as a puppy...
Spring will come..we need to be patient and hunker down with our comforts.
i have been craving some needlework myself. getting back to my roots that I abandoned so many years ago.
Paper became my mistress but wool and yarns are calling me.

have a great week dear!