Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After Christmas

One thing remains the same. After Christmas, I always think of what I will do "next year." Next year I will plan better. I will begin collecting little things for the grandchildren's stockings in May. Or June or July. I will begin to make things during the cold and dreary days of THIS winter, preparing as the squirrel does for the coming year. That's what I tell myself. I even make lists and write down all the plans and promises to myself. I do this every year. This year will be different. It MUST be different than 2011. That was a year I'd like to "learn from" and move on down the road! As my coach-son says, "Go to school on it!"

2011 was colder than any year I can recall in Oklahoma or Missouri. 2011 was hotter than any I can recall, too! I did not like it, Sam I Am. Several things I did not like about 2011! Get out of here as quickly as you can!!! Please bring me a new year.

I'm starting a journal with scraping stuff and writing and prose and notes. I'm hoping to enjoy the journey of making it; hoping to have something for those who walk behind me. Something they will enjoy looking through one day. The things I miss most about my mother are the stories I never got to hear. Opinions she never got to share. Thoughts and ideas, dreams and desires that were a part of her life... I never knew them. I hope my children know mine. Not that they are so "out of the ordinary," but that they are probably much the same as some of their own. If not now...someday.

To make my day nicer, I need milk. And coffee and Dr. Pepper. And quiet time early in the morning or late at night. A little of that every day. Thank you very much. Love, Lana


clare said...

Oh no! Aunt Lana, I thought I was the only person with lists like that. I'm already thinking of ways to get my Christmas card photo done for next year so that it's one I like and about making sure I have dessert dishes so I don't have to quick wash the china so we can eat our pie off of it. I almost didn't send out a card this year because Matt and Pat both had such chapped lips, Jackie's hair wasn't done, and they weren't dressed in their Christmas finest. Then I thought maybe we will get a kick out of this card in years to come and it will give us a good laugh. Anything for a laugh as far as I'm concerned! I'm ready for a new year as well. A clean slate so to speak. Organization is on my list as always. This is the year I turn 40. I can't believe how fast my 30s went. Thanks for blogging again. I can tell we are kindred spirits.

Jeanne said...

What a special gift that would be for your children. I need to get on the geneology stick and do an in depth interview with my dad and his sister soon!

Dr. Pepper always makes for a nicer day. And I hope you get your quiet time. I love reading your words - blog more...

No thank YOU very much,

Love Jeanne

oldgreymare said...

I love that the turning of calendar pages, especially the last month of the year makes us all reflect and take stock.It is god for all of us to admit our mistakes and celebrate our triumphs and plan for the changes to come, always keeping in mind that life has a way of throwing rocks, and sometimes boulders in our path.
If 2012 throws you a few boulders, I will hope that you have a sharpened pic ax to bust your way free.
.and yes, I too require lots of milk and coffee and Tazo Refresh tea to get me through and yes, I am cleaning out the fridge today in prep for a new (hopefully) way of eating...
happy New Year!