Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mother Nature makes me think!

Oklahoma has the strangest weather. Truly. If you look at a map of the US, you can easily see that we get the mix of everything...other than hurricanes, I guess! :) Nary enough open water for THAT to happen, but we sure get a mix of the rest! Burning hot temps and humidity in the summers, from warmth to freeze in twelve hours in the late fall...winters cold and damp...spring with violent storms. It's certainly a mix!
And now it's the end of November and the temperatures are dropping. You can feel it in the wind. The skies are gray in the early morning and again in the late afternoon. Step outside and Mother Nature bids you "hello", straight in the face!
I sort of like November. It's kind of a thinking time.
Grab a cup of hot chocolate and a fold-over bacon sandwich. Loafer socks and my fuzzy robe. Do a little searching on the old www.
I need to clean out my kitchen. It's a mess, from top to bottom and side to side. Moving some things around everywhere. You know the feeling you have when nothing is working? That's it.
I'm seriously thinking of getting myself a Christmas gift. A big one.


Jeanne said...

You deserve a big ole' Christmas present...Hope you get yourself something really great! Love you Lana! We need to make a pact to blog more and let our little writer selves out more!

oldgreymare said...

Hey there! You are still a no reply blogger. Go into your profile in Blogger and put it IN your profile. Go to edit profile. You'll know you have it when you click "view my complete profile" on your home page and see it listed there...
you can delete this comment but see? it was the only way to contact you. :D