Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a little plain

You never know when the very simple will influence the happiness of a given day.  Our backyard fence was over 30 years old, I'm sure (no, we are not the original owners!)...we replaced it last year with the help of neighbors on both sides.  It was a good thing for all of us.  Now I am happy to be getting plants and shrubs in order around my house and it makes for very nice times to sit in the morning with a drink and NPR.  I've discovered the pleasure of this plant (portulaca) for Oklahoma heat and humidity.  It gives beautiful tomato-red flowers every morning and then closes down the performance during the evening hours. 

The barren area to the left in the top picture is a running start with a variegated ground cover.  We are watering the dickens out of it (let's assume it had a great deal of "dickens" in it to begin with!)...and it is progressing...covering more and more each week.  Should be a fun thing to keep the other grass and weeds from setting up camp there, but that one was NOT my call! ~ and guess what?  I don't tend to that garden! :)   ...from the peaceful porch~  Lana

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