Friday, July 13, 2012


There are so many ways to learn and in educational jargon, many different "learning styles".  I don't remember terms like, "going off the deep end" or "crying and sweating on the treadmill", or "going through old family papers and old journal writing", or "digging in the dirt".  I think those must be my true learning styles.

This has been a learning and remembering week.
I've learned that Zumba is not for me.
I've learned that wearing shoes while exercising doesn't work for me.  Maybe my old yoga is where I belong.
I've learned that I must disclose if people are to really know me.  No, I'm not a closeted personality.  I just have some baggage.
I've learned that letting the words fly IS theraputic and okay!
I've learned that I like to sweat and I MUST HAVE some time to myself each day.  I used to stay up to the wee hours when my children were young...just to hear the quiet and think.
I've learned that I have little tolerance for hurtful personalities.  In reality...

I'm glad to breathe deeply.

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