Saturday, September 5, 2009

My goodness, it's been a long time since I posted. I'm getting back to this blog thing...I've been on Facebook all summer and enjoying it, but it's NOT a writing place for sure. Not enough room for me!
I am SO DISGUSTED about the direction of thinking with the general population in Oklahoma. It seems that the majority of the people, or at least those who make their voices heard in the media, are so AFRAID of everything!! And yet these are the very same people who talk about their FAITH!!!! Good grief people! Wake up and smell the coffee! or at the very least, smell it on your own breath! Our local newspapers (Tulsa World and Owasso Reporter) have the most rampent articles on the horrors of children hearing the words of our President in their classrooms! What in the WORLD are they THINKING!!! One of our brazen Senators even compared his (President Obama) speaking to the schools as "Marxist thinking."
Here's what I don't get: Are these same people AS CONCERNED with the rate of female incarceration in our state, the rate of child abuse, and the rate of births to mothers under the age of eighteeen, the amount of polluntants in our rivers, creeks, and streams, i.e., ground water pollution? Get on a band box that has some teeth, people!!!
I had a request/encouragement from a friend to get back on my blog. I'm doing JUST THAT. Do not want to let my days go by without my voice being heard, even if it is in my own head!


Fred said...

Lana, I'm glad to have found your blog. You have some good thoughts here, living up to my every expectation! Like you, I am concerned about the hoohah over President Obama (with greatest respect for the office)addressing the schools. The speech should be OK, but the video was not intended for such and audience and should not have been used for that purpose. Your comments ("Here's what I don't get") are consistent with our past communications. Of course the conservatives in OK are concerned about the issues you have pointed out - they just know that there are different causes and different solutions that align with conservative beliefs. What are the root causes of the problems you point out? Are women going to jail because they are being unfairly judged, or because they are being caught breaking the law? Why are they breaking the law? Is there something uniquely unfair about incarcerating a law breaking woman? What is the root cause of child abuse? I suspect there is no liberal or conservative bias in this problem and both should be equally horrified. What is being taught in schools related to morality, virtue and self respect might have something to do with teen birthrates. What is the Oklahoma education position on this? Pollution is deplorable, but what are the trade-offs? More layoffs, closed businesses? Where is the balance? I suspect there is much more to be done in this area before the impact on business is profound.

I applaud your blog! Keep up the good work. The voices you hear may only be in your own mind, but the words you share go much farther!!!

Jeanne said...

So glad you decided to write again! Did you know that your blog can automatically update to your "notes" on FB? I have mine set up like that (sometimes I forget about it though, when I am posting something personal!)...

I feel you pain on the President's speech to school children. So many people just blurt out their judgement without investigating the "real" truth. People thought they were going to show that "I Pledge" video to the kids! I mean come on... really?

I may not have voted for Mr. Obama, but he is the president of MY country and the Bible commands me to pray for him and show my respect for him. So that is what I will do!
Would I have wanted my children to hear his speech? YES! This is a part of what makes our country great - the difference of ideas...

Love you Lana - keep on speaking out for what you believe in!

Anonymous said...

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