Tuesday, July 8, 2008


After more than 6 months, I'm finally back to this! Retired!
Because I love to write, I'm hoping this will become an outlet for me once I have more mastery of this blogging stuff. Still unfamiliar territory.

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Eduardo Cruz said...

I just loved to get in contact with your personal writings as they're so human in so many ways. Specially thru your sincere thoughts which have an empathy towards the reader. May I explain it: I'm married to a woman who's got Lana as her last name (which she probably inherited from France, e.g. de Lanne) while her first name is Marcia. By the way, is Lana your last name, too? We're both brazilians, and we both have had a great USA experience: an AFS experience! For I was an Exchange Student from Brazil during the two school semesters of 64-65 - with Xmastime in between - got it? So we have approximately your age: and Marcia's already retired. And we also have the same concerns. Keep on blogging for your audience! We will appreciate it!